Wiring and Installation

A Home With Old or Original Wiring May Need Rewiring

Houses built prior to late 1970 were not designed for today’s heavier appliance and lighting loads. Most houses built in this era contain either VIR (Vulcan Indianised Rubber), or TRS (Tough Rubber Sheath) wiring, and porcelain re-wirable fuses.

The electrical wiring could be unable to deal with the kind of demand that twenty-first century electrical usage puts upon it. The wiring system is simply inadequate for the size and number of appliances that we use in our homes on a daily basis; your usage might be putting too great a strain on the electrical wiring.

Keep Your Home Safe

Old wiring can degrade. Old wiring or rubber coated wiring can become a safety hazard. Overloading electrical outlets is a hazard and can lead to overheating, fire or electrical shocks.Wiring in older homes is unlikely to meet current NZ Electrical standards. Don’t void your home insurance. Get Ben Matheson to check your home wiring or put together a project to rewire your home.

Modernise Your Home

A house rewire is an opportunity to add more outlets and switches and to modernise your home. You can get new wiring and plugs for all your home entertainment, home computers, telephone, and television usage; enhanced electrical safety and convenience.

A recent house rewire can also help to sell an older home.

Rewire Your Home in Stages

Rewiring is sometimes a big job, but it may very well be necessary to keep you and your family safe. If a whole house rewire is more than is manageable, either because of cost or the disruption, a home rewiring can be carried out in stages.

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Signs that you might need to rewire your home include:

  • Visibly worn electrical cable
  • Wire fuse switchboard
  • Black rubber cable
  • Electrical shocks from appliances, sockets & switches
  • Outlets and cords that get warm when in use
  • Fuses that blow regularly
  • Frequent power outages
  • Fuseboards that keep tripping out

Signs that you might need to rewire your home include:

  • Removal of all old TRS and VIR cables & steel conduit
  • Rewiring with new TPS cables
  • Replacement of original sockets, lights switches, light fittings with modern fittings.
  • New mains cables installed
  • Old fuseboard and porcelain fuses replaced with modern switch boards
  • Power meters relocated outside
  • An electrical inspection and Certificate of Compliance issued

Our Electrical Technicians are:

  • Fully screened, drug tested, and background checked for your peace of mind
  • Neat, clean and uniformed for safety and security
  • Friendly, helpful, and reliable. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t hire to work inside of our own homes.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and skilled
  • Rigorously trained in customer service
  • Top-notch troubleshooters who specialize in saving you time and money
  • Fully outfitted with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a huge inventory of parts
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured